I am a self-shooting Director who specializes in promotional documentaries
for creative individuals and industries.

During a wide ranging career I have honed an understanding of what a short
film can achieve in an environment of visual excess. This understanding is
informed through working in diverse fields such as lifestyle and fashion
commercials, extensive broadcast projects in the UK, and online series for
corporations fostering creative collaborations with creative suppliers.

Through these experiences I believe that intuition and a flexible approach are
central to achieving a unique and authentic film. The approach is
collaborative, it relies on being part of the process from an early stage and
being part of an evolving brief.

The challenge of the short format film to encapsulate the essence of the story
to be told requires resourcefulness and dedicated observation. An ability to
gain the trust of contributors allows me to develop insights into their lives and
projects as I document the visual cues that elevate a story above the ordinary.
Having worked with both large and small production teams, it has become
apparent that the unique and elusive moments which set a film apart are best
captured with the simplest of resources. Allowing a story to unfold is more
potent than trying to script its outcome. Another benefit of this pared down
approach includes lower project costs.

My areas of specific interest are in the design and creative art world, from
architecture to entertainment, and from fashion to food. In a world driven by
moving images and self promotion I strive to create films which are honest,
emotive, informative and memorable.

Please view examples of my work on this website and Vimeo channels: