Jan Vosloo – Merchanidise Director MRP HOME
Kerry Strauss – Marketing Director MRP HOME
The magic Shelly brings through film is her inherent talent in getting her subjects to speak from the heart, to say what they are feeling and not what there were thinking of saying. This makes for the telling of real stories, elicits a sense of authenticity and forges an emotional connection with the viewer. Shelly’s craft as seen in the COLAB series further attests to her keen editing skills and sense of timing, always expect the unexpected delivered with a punch of emotion.

Ed Stobart – Head of Alleycats TV (Ginger TV previously)
Shelly is a highly skilled Producer/Director who has worked for me across a series of demanding and high profile productions for UK television through Ginger TV, including Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie (ITV), Crucify Me(Five) and Extreme Celebrity Health (Channel 4). She is talented, hard working, brings out the best in everyone around her and has extraordinary camerawork skills. Whenever she is involved in a project, the lift in quality of the finished product is clear to see.

Simon Urwin – Simon and Simon Productions + 44(0)7788 597120
I can’t recommend Shelly highly enough. She gets on brilliantly with contributors, is very visual with an excellent eye as a Director, Photographer and Camera Operator. Furthermore, her editorial is spot on – knowing how to handle and develop storylines to maximum effect. There are very few all rounders like Shelly.

Lucien d’Avice – Barrows CEO
Shelly has an incredible ability to understand what we are looking for, capture it effortlessly & deliver it in an art form that exceeds our highest expectations. Shelly has the ability to capture and “tell” our story in a way which continues to amaze and impress…. Exactly as we like to see it done!

Barry Armitage – The Ride
Insightful, direct, Shelly captured the essence of The Ride in one brilliantly intuitive clip setting our fledgling television series on its journey to success. Joe and I will be forever grateful.